Monday, January 7, 2013

A little catch up...

Life is moving faster than I am. Which means I cannot keep up with this blog. I aspire to have a beautiful blog, but for now, I'll post what I can.  The holidays were busy and there was a lot of baking. This is a post of things I've done in the past few months, but haven't had a chance to talk about.

Rainbow cake for a sweet birthday girl. I can't look at a rainbow and not smile. There is just something about the vibrant colors. The outside was covered in white buttercream and decorated with hot pink sprinkles.

Thanksgiving brought Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, Pecan Pie, Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie and this beautiful sweet and nutty caramel bourbon banana cream pie. The crust starts with fresh made peanut butter. The bourbon caramel is sweet with a kick. This could be my new favorite pie. 

I love kids! This castle floor cake was for Finn! I can't believe he's 7. The cake is a dark decadent chocolate cake with a unbeatable European Chocolate Buttercream. I liked making this cake and happy with how it turned out. I think Finn was too.

French Macaroons. What else can I say? It's hard to beat the grainy texture of the chocolate shell with the smooth chocolate ganache filling. I love the grit of the almonds ground into flour. 

A cake fit for anyone. This is definitely the tallest cake I've made (besides a wedding cake). Five high layers; dark chocolate, German chocolate, yellow cake, Madagascar vanilla bean cake and a perfect white cake. Each layer sweet, interesting and separated by vanilla buttercream.

Who doesn't love Candyland? I could wait to make this cake. A candy feast fit for any birthday party. The piles of candy out for the kids would make a dentist drool. Lyla is sweet just like her cake. I love baking for this family.