Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blue eyes and baking...Get the apron's out!

I actually stole that little tag line from someone else with brown eye's, but I'll think of something original tomorrow.

It's that time of year. Stock up on flour, butter, salt, sugar and anything else you need to make the best desserts of the year. What will you bake for Thanksgiving next week? What about Christmas? So many choices.

I have been baking a lot more lately. My current favorite recipe are these Brown Butter Banana muffins. I add nuts. Whatever I have on hand. They are easy and from the words of the testers "amazing!" Everyone has older bananas laying around. I've even made them with ones that aren't so ripe. Turned out just fine.

I have all of my favorite cook books out searching for just the right recipes. I will bring in some Peanut Butter Mess-Ups to work. They are chocolaty with oats and peanut butter, some of the Brown Butter Muffins and probably one other treat that I haven't decided on. Though pie is in full swing and if you're making 3 why not make a 4th or maybe Ina Garten's Brownie Pudding. Really amazing stuff.

Pie will be the start though. Pecan, Pumpkin Chiffon (courtesy of my Grandpa Cecil) and something chocolate.

I'm not preparing the entire feast this year, but will likely make a smaller feast to have leftovers with. A whole turkey breast, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes and of course gravy.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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